Acquisiton to Support Strategy

Acquisiton to Support Strategy

Support market entry via a merger.


IT Company with International operations seeking US market entry.


Design an acquisition strategy. Develop a list of actionable opportunities. Lead M&A process of acquisitions with buyer’s US leadership. Conduct business analysis for the right and financial analysis with valuation to support the bid. Support negotiation, diligence, and integration.


We conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine the strategic fit of potential acquisitions. We performed financial analysis and valuation to support bidding. Led the due diligence process including financial, operational, and supported legal diligence. Redesigned organizational structure, conducted cultural training, and managed the integration of operations.


The buyer made a successful acquisition and subsequently leveraged US assets, brand, and presence to gain additional accounts leading to increased sales. Buyer realized high value of US assets while leveraging low-cost structure of overseas operations. The acquisition allowed both US and existing international operations to grow the top line and bottom line. The acquisition paid for itself in less than 3 years