Company-wide PM Methodology

Company-wide PM Methodology

Support market entry via a merger.


A large global manufacturer.


Lack of transparency in setting goals, task and timing, disorganized business initiatives, management and work processes. Teams lacked methodologies, tools, and training. The result was unpredictable and missed deliverables, and the inability to meet project goals for deliverable performance.


The company had determined it needed to upgrade project management processes with formal multi-level methodologies, implementation, and tools training to gain user comfort and confidence with the methodologies and tools. We designed a program with two tracks: Functional, to train business users in functional project management and Technical to train technology users in technical project management based on Project Management Institute (“PMI”) philosophy and methodologies. Technical project management work process and documentation were implemented to support multiple levels of projects: proof-of-concept to purchase and install to custom development. Developed documentation in support of To-Be methodologies. Led the implementation of MS-Project Server, Project Web App (PWA), SharePoint, and Project Professional. Developed curriculum, training materials, roll-out plan for both functional and technical tracks. Training also included project estimations, budgeting with variance analysis, and calculation of NPV, ROI and payback period. Conducted numerous in-person 4 days functional training sessions and 2 days technical sessions.


The organization now can predict the deliverables and alignment to their initiatives. Functional training track allowed business users to manage projects with knowledge of necessary methods, frameworks, supporting documentation and tools. Technical training track offered the same as functional training track but offered more structure to all technology projects but with the flexibility of work process and documentation depending on the project levels. The project levels were designed to offer guidance based on complexity, budget, high-touch and duration criteria. Formal security and architecture board was instituted to support technical projects. Both tracks utilized a new change management process with business owners. The predictability of all deliverables was increased, resulting in a significant increase in business performance. Resource alignments and project priorities are clearer. Corrective actions for any project are made timely. Technical and business risk management is proactive and supportive of teams. Program dashboard tracked the traction of training with users.