Brand Management

Brand Management

Rejuvenate highly profitable classic product.


Multi-national food company with presence in nearly every packaged food category


Rejuvenate a highly profitable classic product with tired brand identity and outdated package functionality by conducting a brand audit and addressing brand weaknesses:

• Develop, execute functional and focus group tests
• Commercialize new package.
• Redo marketing collaterals including package label and tagline. • Support market test of the package and for optimal pricing.


We designed and conducted a survey to measure brand’s performance. Worked with industrial designers to develop package prototypes and conduct focus groups with brand loyal, competitor and price-sensitive customers. Developed and maintained pro-forma P&L of product and project budget. Redesigned and tested labels including updated graphics and taglines. Added ability to do seasonal promotions with coupons. Supported commercialization of new package taking advantage of existing production and packaging platforms with minor but impactful changes to deliver package functionality. Supported client’s brand manager in a market test of 3 concepts. Delivered marketing plans.


A multi-layered brand protection was delivered to a highly profitable product:

• Added package functionality increased value proposition.
• Updated product graphics freshened brand image.
• The product grew in market share while preserving gross-margins.
• Ability to promote item with coupons during peak seasons gave another tactical advantage to convert price sensitive to loyal customers