Project Management Office

Project Management Office

The growth of topline with improved execution capabilities and transparency to internal projects portfolio.


An International Pharmaceuticals with global sales of $1.6 billion and global team.


Misaligned strategy and product pipeline leading to stagnant topline due to maverick internal projects. Organizational structure misaligned with business needs. Underdeveloped processes and controls, and lack of project management training and tools for teams.


With thorough analysis, we recommended client organizational changes to align core competencies with business needs. We standardized R&D work processes. Instituted Project Management Office with structured project reviews with senior management. Brought financial transparency to each project with improved reporting and rigorous risk analysis. Implemented methodologies with project documentation for tiered project categories based on complexity, budget, and level of organizational touch. Instituted change management process to offer needed flexibility and transparency.


The organization is now fully set-up to deliver according to the business’ strategy in their respective areas, there are work processes, documentation to support the work processes, and ability to collaborate on projects. Senior Management has the necessary information to make informed decisions and for teams a way to get management’s help and support. Standard work process, tools, and documentation offer teams necessary support to succeed. Increased the top line by an average of 26% over a 3-year period. Brought 100% transparency to projects pipeline. Alignment of organization and projects with business strategy led to the elimination of wasteful spend by 300%.